Proudly Australian made and owned since 1950

Pylon Coatings is an Australian owned manufacturing company that is dedicated in developing and supplying premium quality coatings for a wide range of industries.

The company is a quality assured family business established in 1950, though originally dates back to 1871 when the Pajor family began manufacturing furniture coatings in Europe. Formulation and manufacturing experience, combined with high company ethics has resulted in continual growth.

Pylon’s research and development team constantly interact with industry professionals and monitor global trends that result in state of the art technology. Recent developments include a range of superior quality low VOC and MIR two-pack polyurethane, a low-odour polyester series and an antimicrobial coating system.

Pylon Coatings is committed to provide a high level of service, technical support along with innovative and quality solutions for the coating industry both domestically and globally.

Our product range

Pylon Coatings is a certified quality assured (ISO 9001:2000) company that ensures a high level of consistency throughout the manufacturing process. The research and development team at Pylon take advantage of the most recent developments with raw materials to formulate innovative products to suit the market.

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